Veggie and Vegan


The Breadhouse was the perfect location for Change4Chalfont’s first vegetarian bring and share fundraiser. Its cosy ambience got everyone chatting and mingling. As people arrived, they were welcomed with a glass of wine and thanked for their contributions of food and money. With every guest, a new vegetarian delicacy appeared and soon everyone was tucking in to the feast.

Conversation was only interrupted as Cathy Davidoff hosted a short animation on why having more vegetarian food in your diet was good for the environment. She commented on how the recent Chatham House reports, explaining how veggie food reduces your carbon footprint, encouraged her to organise the bring and share night. In the animation, a narrator with a plummy English accent, declares that greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farming exceeds emissions from all forms of transport combined. However, even a part-time vegetarian diet can help reduce those emissions and stabilise our warming planet.









Eating more vegetarian food is easier once you have found your favourite recipes. If you missed out Dinah’s delicious dahl, Caroline’s kale crisps or Stephanie’s Spanish stew please do check out Chalpals Veggie on Facebook and add your own creations.vandv1

With thanks to Katherine Saunders, manager at the Breadhouse and all who helped, we raised £123 for Change4Chalfont’s work edging Chalfont St Peter towards sustainability.


Short article:

Chatham House report:

Meat and Sustainability animation:


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