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The National Energy Foundation (NEF) is a charity providing Bucks Affordable Warmth Network. NEF work in partnership with Milton Keynes council on promoting affordable warmth and the network.

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Affordable Warmth is the financial ability of households to heat their homes adequately.  This is 21?C in the living room and 18?C in other occupied rooms.  If you are paying more than 10% of your income on keeping warm to these temperatures, you are living in fuel poverty.

There are many reasons people find themselves in fuel poverty including low income, poorly insulated homes, inefficient heating systems and high energy prices.  Although anyone can find themselves in fuel poverty, families with young children, the elderly, the disabled, the long-term sick, the unemployed and those on a low income are particularly vulnerable.  People in their own property are more likely to be in fuel poverty than those in social housing.

There are many consequences of living in a cold home; increased risk of coughs and colds, through to more serious health risks such as hypothermia, heart attacks and strokes.  Your property will also deteriorate, with an    increase in damp and mould.


If you are struggling to keep your home warm, please phone the Milton Keynes Affordable Warmth Helpline to find out how we can help:

           0800 107 0044

We can give free impartial advice on:

    • Energy saving tips
    • Heating systems, including any financial assistance for upgrades/ replacements
    • Loft and wall insulation
    • Fuel debt
    • Switching suppliers
    • Support organisations
    • Fuel debt

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