Chalfonts’ Hen Keepers' Network (‘CHKN’)

Keeping chickens is becoming more and more common. Chickens take up little space, produce wonderful eggs, help us to recycle by eating our vegetable peelings and then conveniently process it into useful manure. And last but by no means least, when they are in our gardens, we can sure of their welfare standards.

We know that there are a lot of fellow chicken keepers around the Chalfonts, so we thought we’d take the first step to bringing us all together by putting together a network.

What we have in mind is pretty simple, and we hope that it will act as a forum for sharing knowledge and suggestions. In the first instance we have started a googlegroup and a facebook page and you can join either or both, whichever suits you best.

If you would like to join the googlegroup – please email us at

And if you would like to join the facebook page, please click here.

Thank you and we look forward to cyber-speaking soon!


  1. Lauren

    Can anyone please help?
    We have a lovely pet chicken who is egg bound, with 3 eggs. She’s been slowing down a little the past few days, compared to our other hens, and she is standing funny. We diagnosed it online tonight and have bathed her in warm water and cleaned her bottom! She’s now in the house, in a box of straw… This is what we were told to do…
    Any experts out there please?!
    We are worried about losing her 🙁
    Thank you.

  2. erica

    Sorry, Lauren, I have only just been notified of your post! I presume that the situation must have resolved one way or another – let me know on Best wishes, Erica

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