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Recycling rubbish at public events

However good we are at recycling everything at home, very often at school or other public events, recycling isn’t part of the plan. At the end of the day, everyone is tired and in a rush to clear up, and so rubbish gets dumped into a black plastic bin liner, which in turn gets shoved into landfill.

Change4Chalfont is trying to change all this and we are starting with Feast day 2012.

Last year, Feast day was a great day – lots of fun – and a great community feel. But then everyone went home, and darkness fell over Gold Hill Common – and there was nothing left – but tonnes and tonnes of rubbish which all went into landfill

Here is the newspaper article about our recycling initiative in the Bucks Advertiser.

Let’s talk rubbish about Feast day 2012

Chalfont St Peter’s Feast day committee is launching an initiative to recycle rubbish at Feast day 2012 in a joint initiative with Change4Chalfont, a local group concerned about climate change and the environment.

Allan Moffat from the Feast day committee explained, ‘Feast day is a great day for our whole community which has the added bonus of raising funds for local charities. Unfortunately, it also produces loads of rubbish. Until now, this has gone into landfill and the landfill tax we’ve had to pay (currently £64 a tonne) has reduced the amount of money we’ve been able to donate to charity’.

Erica Neustadt of Change4Chalfont told us ‘Last year’s Feast day generated 4 ½ tonnes of rubbish which went into landfill. That’s the same as burying a bus load of rubbish underground!  If we can even recycle half of this amount, it will make a real difference to the environment and to the funds available to give to local charities’.

Stephanie Summerell of Change4Chalfont added, ‘Everyone recycles at home, so all we are asking is that when people come to Feast day this year, they look out for the recycling stations around Gold Hill Common (which Chiltern District Council is very kindly providing) and put their rubbish into them. Hopefully this will also mean that the clear up won’t be so hard afterwards. We’re hoping that everyone will pitch in to Keep Gold Hill Green!

For more information or if you would like to help with this initiative, please email

A bus load of rubbish – this is how much waste went into landfill from Feast day last year. Look out for this symbol to see how Change4Chalfont and the Feast day committee are taking action to improve recycling this year.

Change4Chalfont has produced two documents that further develop ideas and principles for recycling at public events.:-

Our waste and recycling policy can be seen by clicking here

Our ten step plan to recycling at a public event can be seen by clicking here

Please feel free to download and use both documents – and if you do, we would be very grateful for an acknowledgment.

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