About Change4Chalfont


Change4Chalfont is a group of people who live in and around Chalfont St Peter, who want to take action to combat climate change.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the issue, we think that there are loads of positive things that we can do, particularly as a community, to reduce our impact on the environment, save money, and take the edge off predicted increases in our fuel bills.

Change4Chalfont is part of the Transition movement (www.transitiontowns.org/), a grass roots movement that is growing fast across the country. The Transition movement is based on the idea that if we take constructive action as communities,we might be strong enough together to make a real difference to our environment, and to withstanding the effects of climate change and resource depletion.

Change4Chalfont is therefore a community-led initiative that aims to reduce our average carbon footprint, make our village less dependent on fossil fuels, and make our community more self-reliant so that it has a better chance of being able to deal with the changes that climate change and increasing fuel prices will bring to our community. We would like to reduce the waste from this area that ends up in landfill, increase the available recycling provision and energy efficiency, encourage local food production and improve public transport services. In short, we would like to prepare for climate change in a positive, hopeful and inclusive way rather than feeling anxious and disempowered.

We would like to involve the whole community in this movement; kids, teenagers, adults, older people, schools, the local business community and faith groups as well as our local authorities.

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