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Diamond Jubilee Orchard planted – November 2012

Our second community orchard was planted on 10 November 2012. 120 volunteers pitched up, every tree is sponsored and we have a new mixed fruit orchard in the village.

Feast Day 2012

Change4Chalfont helped the Feast Day committee with recycling reducing landfill from 4 1/2 tons (2011 levels) to about 1/2 a ton this year. Loads of helpers and loads of success.  

Feast Day 2011

Our two stalls featuring:

– chickens to show how easy it is to keep them in the garden and ‘grow your own’ eggs,

– seedlings we had grown to sell cheaply to encourage people to produce home grown vegetables and herbs and so reduce their food miles to zero,

– Rosemary, our Morsbag lady sitting at her hand-powered sewing machine making reuseable bags to give away, and

– the sale of elderflower cordial drinks made after foraging for elderflowers from our local hedgerows

Serving home-made elderflower cordial with a smile

Re-usable bags made from offcuts were given away to save use of plastic bags.

Making the Morsbags using a hand-powered sewing machine.  We gave away around 140 and gathered as many signatures to petition for a plastic bag free Chalfont St Peter.

Going home at the end of the day with purchases!

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