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Instead of waiting for our politicians to act (which will probably be too little and too late) we get out there and work at a local level to combat climate change.

We need people to get involved and become a part of their vibrant community, taking action on climate change; people who have ideas about growing food, recycling more and reducing landfill, protecting the environment, dealing with pollution, reducing our fuel consumption and bills and leaving a better, more sustainable world for future generations. We are only as effective as you can make us.

‘[This] is an invitation to be part of changing the place you live, to be part of a process of making it more entrepreneurial, better connected, happier and healthier. Do we make change happen by striving to shock or depress everyone into action, or by creating a thrilling, fascinating process that people can put their shoulders to if they wish?’ Transition Network

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If you are interested or would like to find out more, please email us at info@change4chalfont.org.uk


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  1. Colin Williams

    Hi Robin, I bumped into Stephanie the other day and she mentioned that you were interested in ideas for community energy projects. Although I haven;t been able to attend meetings for while now, I am very much interested in getting involved. I am in the middle of training to become a Solar PV installer which might help should a solar project come up, but am interested in getting involved anyhow.

    Not sure when I can make the next meeting as in between training I am working nights. Would love to hear of any projects you have in mind, via email or call 01494 872671, thanks


  2. I really like your website. Excellent information and news. I am Minutes Secretary for HS2 Amersham Action Group and was delighted to see your HS2 campaign on Change4Chalfont’s website. Although we are only a couple of miles down the route, and some of our members attended the Chalfont St Giles HS2 Roadshow, we had not heard a lot about an active anti-HS2 campaign in the Chalfonts, whereas our own activities and those in Missenden and Ruislip had been very well publicised. We at HS2 Amersham Action Group would be delighted to have more interaction with the Chalfonts and are happy to start a dialogue about our forthcoming events. The fight must go on!!!!
    Changing the subject entirely, I was amazed to see your community orchard on your webiste. As a “co-tenant” on an allotment in Amersham, this concept is very appealing. How did you get the land for the orchard?

  3. Unbleivbeale how well-written and informative this was.

  4. These are impressive articles.

  5. Kay Lockie

    Hi, A few years ago when there was a campaign to make Chesham plastic-bag-free I had some leaflets printed using information and pictures sent to me by the Marine Conservation Society. I still have some of these and wonder if some would be of use to you? Please email if you’d like some and let me know where I should drop them off.
    Good luck to you all – great job.

  6. erica

    Hi Kay – sorry not to have got back. Yes, these would be useful – could you possibly email me on mail@stokesneustadt.plus.com?

    Best wishes,

    Erica Neustadt

  7. Val

    I visit the Garden of Rest at the top of Joiners Lane regularly to tend my husbands grave, I am amazed that they do not have compost bins for dead flowers or plants. Everything is put into bins for landfill, they could even have a bin for plastic, it seems such a wasted opportunity?


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